Just Like Me Foundation (JLM) is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization that was created to serve teens and young adults with special needs (ages 13-24). Our goal is to provide organized after school, weekend, and summer activities throughout the year. These activities include, but are not limited to: movie nights, bowling, dances, beach bonfire parties, paddle boarding, sporting events and much more. JLM aims to create a community of belonging for teens and young adults with special needs. We strive to provide a safe space for our members so they can freely participate in social life beyond the hours of school. We are based out of Dana Point, California.



Stylin' for Summer

July 08, 2018

OC Register coverage from JLM's "Stylin' for Summer" event. Free haircuts and styling were given to the JLM crew by hairstylists at Danckuts. 

Learn about the story that started it all. 

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